8th May 2016

The trend of wearing different masks for different gatherings is highly ubiquitous. Our website ILOVEMASKS.COM offers masks for various kinds of occasions and parties. You must be aware of this fad of wearing fabulous masks to parties; if not, then here we are to guide you in the best way possible, as to when and where you should wear these masks.

Masks are worn on various festivals and parties. Festival masks are used on various occasions like the Halloween, Mardi Gras, or masked ball. Our large collection of Venetian Masquerade Party masks offers you a wide range of masks to choose from. We offer different amazing types of masks. For your convenience the different sorts of masks are displayed along with their price on our website.

What are the different types of masks?

The biggest concern for you when you plan to wear a mask to a party or event is the decision making phase. With an innumerable quantity of masquerade masks to choose from, choosing the best one is not the easiest of tasks. Your mind is bombarded with loads and loads of questions regarding the color, the style, the suitability, and accuracy of the masks. This is where we come in. A number of factors should be kept in mind when considering the various options available to you. The choice is highly contingent upon these three factors: the type of event or occasion, your dress, and the impression you want to send to the people attending that gathering. This article will help you during this decision making phase of Venetian masquerade party masks so that you end up selecting the best one that there is.

The Bauta

The Bauta has a square shaped jaw, large chin, without a mouth feature. This mask intends to mask your whole face and is beautifully decorated or is pure white in color. In historical perspective, these are the standard Venetian masks considered best to disguise usually needed at decision-making gatherings that are political in nature, to guarantee you don’t get recognized by anyone. These masks are especially for the ones who want to enjoy in the crowd without strictly following any rules.

Which occasion and party should you wear it to?

You should wear this mask to the events or parties where you want to impress that certain someone in case you encounter her/him by coincidence.

The Colombina

The Colombina is a half face mask with heavy decoration. A personal favorite, this multi colored pretty mask conceals only your eyes, cheeks and rarely your nose. In historical perspective the mask takes its name from a maidservant; who was basically the female counterpart of the Bauta. This mask is appropriate for a lady who is fearless to allow her true personality to be truly evident; recently men versions of the masks have also hit the market.

Which occasion and party should you wear it to?

The fete or party of the season is where you should wear this mask to, where almost everyone shows their presence.

The Medico della Peste

This mask has a long hollow beak, with round eyes. The design of this mask is very simple and never much decorated. In history it was worn by plague doctors to avert the dissemination of the epidemic. The mask is meant for men who like weird stuff, or are history aficionados, and also the hypochondriacs.

Which occasion or party should you wear it to?

This mask is most suitable for summer parties, Halloween, and other parties of the like.

The Volto

The Volto is very simple in appearance. It is meant to veil your face in the entirety, only revealing the main features like the lips and nose of your face. In historical perspective, this mask was meant to maintain your discreet presence in a gathering as it conceals the whole face not showing even a single most prominent feature of your face. This mask is designed for the ones who want to stay an enigma and always want to surround themselves with an air of mystery, like managing to leave a gathering unnoticed.

Which occasions and party should you wear it to?

The best mask for a masquerade party is the Volto, to keep your anonymity maintained.

The Pantalone

In appearance the Pantalone has a large hook nose as one of the most prominent features which bears resemblance to a beak. Among other obvious features of this mask are slanted eyes. In historical perspective the Pantalone has its origin from a classic Italian theater character, whose distinguishing feature was his intelligence. This mask is meant for the clown in your friend’s circle, i.e. that one friend who smoothly initiates a discourse with people and establishes friendly rapports with them, and is always cracking the most hilarious jokes in the gathering.

Which occasion or party should you wear it to?

This mask is fittest to be worn in a cocktail party or masked ball. You can leave them all dazed with your amazing intellect.

The Arlecchino

This mask resembles in appearance to a Joker that is multicolored, with a small nose and arched eyebrows. At occasions this mask comes with a huge headpiece or collar, usually with bells. In history the perception about Arlecchino is that of someone who lacks a purpose and is mostly subservient to the smarter and cleverer Pantalone. This mask is most suitable for wearing by the mischief makers and the pleasure seekers who like to gather laughters.

Which occasion and party should you wear it to?

You can wear this mask on an April Fool’s party, or Halloween, or just for the sake of fun and enjoyment.

The Zanni

In appearance this mask looks like a long nose, quite much the same as the Medico della Peste. In addition this mask has bulging eyebrows along with a low forehead. Historical perspective should not be overlooked which says the longer the nose of the mask, the sillier the individual is considered. This mask is most appropriate for use by the happy go lucky sort of individuals who wish to be concealing their identity totally.

Which occasion or party should you wear it to?

You can use this mask for a casual masquerade party, for drinks prior to weekends, or when forcing an entry into your co-workers compartment.